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We're a group of self-identified bookish people who read books about bookish things. Many of us are professionally associated with rare books either as librarians, scholars, or dealers. Some of us are just bookish folk who like to read about the creation, dissemination, collection, and use of books. Curious about what we've read so far? Scroll through our list of past reads--two years and counting!!

Want to become a member of the Bookish Book Club or learn more about it? Send an email to and we'll get you set up! We've got a Discord server for chatting, monthly book reads, and occasional movie watches. We're highly bookish but you don't need to be a professional book person, just someone who likes learning about bookish things!

We are for now closed to anyone who is not already a member of the Bookish Book Club.

Code of Conduct

This code of conduct applies to all Bookish Book Club activities, whether here, on our discord, or in one of our virtual or in-person gatherings.

Speak respectfully: Let your colleague finish before speaking. Only one person should speak at a time. When members share their likes and dislikes, respect their opinions and preferences.

Engage with the best: Engage with the strongest version of members' arguments. Build upon members' comments rather than tearing them down.

Be specific: Avoid blanket statements about any groups of people. If you’re not sure that something you want to say is factually correct, phrase it as a question.

Use “I” statements: Speak for yourself, not others.

Correct politely: If participants say something that is incorrect or offensive, politely call them on that. Anyone who continues to use offensive language after being informed of the fact will be asked to leave.

Chatham House Rule: Use and share what you learn only without revealing the identity or details about the speaker. Though live transcription is provided during the meetings for members' use, this transcription is not available after meetings to protect the privacy and spirit of these meetings. Postings on our Bookwyrm instance or our Discord server should not be shared as texts or screenshots without the permission of the poster.