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What the name says! A running list of the books the Bookish Book Club selected to read since its August 2020 inception

  1. An Illuminated Life: Belle da Costa Greene's Journey from Prejudice to Privilege by 

    No rating

    What would you give up to achieve your dream? When J. P. Morgan hired Belle da Costa Greene in 1905 …

  2. What a Library Means to a Woman by 

    No rating

    When writer Edith Wharton died in 1937, without any children, her library of more than five thousand volumes was divided …

  3. Bluffing Texas Style by 

    No rating

    In 1989 a woman fishing in Texas on a quiet stretch of the Colorado River snagged a body. Her “catch” …

  4. Dispossessed Lives by 

    No rating

    In the eighteenth century, Bridgetown, Barbados, was heavily populated by both enslaved and free women. Marisa J. Fuentes creates a …

  5. Dangerous Books For Girls by 

    No rating

    Long before clinch covers and bodice rippers, romance novels had a bad reputation as the lowbrow lit of desperate housewives …

  6. Natural Enemies Of Books by 

    No rating

    The Natural Enemies of Books is a response to the groundbreaking 1937 publication Bookmaking on the Distaff Side, which brought …

  7. Japan in Print by 

    No rating

    A quiet revolution in knowledge separated the early modern period in Japan from all previous time. After 1600, self-appointed investigators …

  8. The Feminist Bookstore Movement: Lesbian Antiracism and Feminist Accountability by 

    No rating

    From the 1970s through the 1990s more than one hundred feminist bookstores built a transnational network that helped shape some …

  9. The Other Black Girl by 

    No rating

    Urgent, propulsive, and sharp as a knife, The Other Black Girl is an electric debut about the tension that unfurls …

  10. The Personal Librarian by ,

    No rating

    The remarkable, little-known story of Belle da Costa Greene, J. P. Morgan's personal librarian--who became one of the most powerful …

  11. Dark Archives by 

    No rating

    There are books out there, some shelved unwittingly next to ordinary texts, that are bound in human skin. Would you …

  12. Eat My Words by 

    No rating

    Some people think that a cookbook is just a collection of recipes for dishes that feed the body. In Eat …

  13. Burning the Books by 

    No rating

    The director of the famed Bodleian Libraries at Oxford narrates the global history of the willful destruction -- and surprising …

  14. Old books, rare friends by ,

    4 stars

    You'd think a book about antiquarian bookselling wouldn't be loaded with suspense or keep us laughing, or make us shake …

  15. Patch Work by 

    No rating

    An expert and intimate exploration of a life in clothes: their memories and stories, enchantments and spells.

    A linen sheet, …

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