The Cartographers

A Novel

Paperback, 400 pages

Published May 25, 2021 by HarperLuxe.


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3 stars (2 reviews)

Nell Young's whole life and greatest passion is cartography. Her father, Dr. Daniel Young, is a legend in the field and Nell's personal hero. but she hasn't seen or spoken to him ever since he cruelly fired her and destroyed her reputation after an argument over an old, cheap gas station highway map. but when Dr. Young is found dead in his office at the New Your Public Library, with the very same seemingly worthless map hidden in his desk, Nell can't resist investigating. To her surprise, she soon discovers that the map is incredibly valuable and exceedingly rare. in fact, she may now have the only copy left in existence..... because a mysterious collector has been hunting down and destroying every last one-along with any who gets in the way. But why? To answer that question, Nell embarks on a dangerous journey to reveal a dark family secret and …

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nothing about this is right

2 stars

I’ve already hooted and hollered about the many ridiculous things the book gets wrong about libraries and academia and I won’t rehash (although ffs if you’re going to write a book revolving around these key details, why wouldn’t you think you need to actually learn about them?!). But even beyond that, this just doesn’t work. Like, the premise of why the murderer wants to do the murdering? Nonsensical. I stand by my appreciation of the romance plot. And I do like the idea of magical maps etc etc. But those are the only reasons this isn’t a one-star review.

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4 stars