De la marge au centre : Théorie féministe

304 pages

French language

Published by Cambourakis.

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Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center is a 1984 book about feminist theory by bell hooks. The book confirmed her importance as a leader in radical feminist thought. The "margin" in the title refers to hooks' description of black women as existing on the margins and their lives hidden from mainstream American society as well as not being part of mainstream feminist theory. The book was published in French in 2017.In the Preface to the New edition of the book, hooks outlines how she wrote the book as a response to the need for theory that took into account gender, race and class. A need that came from the women's liberation movement being primarily structured around issues relevant to white women with class privilege.In the first chapter hooks critiques Betty Friedan's The Feminine Mystique (1963) as being a limited one dimensional perspective on women's reality even if it is a …

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