Old Books and New Histories (Hardcover, 2006, University of Toronto Press) 5 stars

A+ disciplinary situatedness

5 stars

Rereading this as teaching prep and rediscovering how much I love this book. It was just about the first thing I read as a budding book historian to help me think about what the field might be. And returning to those questions today from a position of much greater familiarity with book history, I’m struck by how nuanced and yet available to newcomers Howsam is (and now that I know Leslie, it’s no surprise—she and her work are like that!). Anyways, if you’re looking to get a sense of why and what book history might be, this will be tremendously helpful.

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if people feel even a tenth of the joy and gratitude when they read my Studying Early Printed Books as when I do when reading @lhowsam’s Old Books and New Histories, I will have met all my goals for introducing a huge topic in a friendly and orienting way.